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Although we are happy to deal with residential clients and individuals, much of our work in Dubai centres on the needs of commercial developers who might be installing a pool in a block housing development, for example. Equally, we are geared up to design, supply, install and maintain swimming pools for other commercial operators, such as hotel owners. Municipal swimming pools are another of our specialities. Furthermore, we can offer advice and installation services to the leisure industry, such as country clubs and gyms.

When dealing with our commercial customers, we are able to provide a bespoke design and build service that will dovetail perfectly with the other architectural elements of your development. However, we are also extremely well-versed in providing commercial operators with advice on how best to upgrade or refurbish their existing pools. For instance, we can put together a package to update a fleet of swimming pools for a hotel chain or offer hotel staff health and safety training on how best to look after your pools for you.

For commercial clients who have pools running already, we can help with costs. Our surveys will identify any areas where running costs can be reduced, for example, by recommending new filtration equipment which uses less water. Conversion work from one type of pool to another is also on offer. Feel free to make contact with the team here to discuss your commercial swimming pool needs confidentially. We can help with anything from water treatment systems to antimicrobial testing.


Why Choosing Us is a Smart Idea?

Services Spectrum

If you’re a lucky owner of a pool, we can make you even happier by taking care of all the maintenance – from checking filters & heating to chlorine levels!

Skilled Pros

Each single member of our pool maintenance crew is skilled enough to make any kind of a check, repair or maintenance work for your pool.

Chemical Analysis

As we’re doing a lot of technical maintenance, sometimes we either need special tools or special equipment to repair your pool’s parts. Be sure that we have it all!

Affordable Prices

While the pricing for servicing an average swimming pool throughout all the seasons of the year may be pricy, we always have special promo offers to lighten things up!

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