Swimming Pool Builders

In a hot environment like Dubai, there is nothing more luxurious than the feel of perfectly maintained water to swim in at the end of a busy day. Ideal for executives who are looking for a way to relax and unwind or for a family that wants a fun place to swim and play together, our pools are the very thing. From swimming pools which are designed to provide you with a place to exercise and get fit to pools which are more informal, like you might find at a luxury hotel, we can provide the lot.

Thanks to our abilities with both pool design and installation, you will be able to obtain the sort of swimming pool that suits your individual needs. Whether you have lots of space to play with or are dealing with a more restricted plot, we can offer tips and advice that will make your pool fit in with its surroundings, thereby adding charm and sophistication to your property. In addition to residential pools, we can help with enquiries that are for larger developments, such as hotels or housing developments.

These days, many of our clients are interested in the energy consumption their pool might demand. For new pools, our installation team will be able to advise on the latest technologies, such as multi-cyclone pre-filters, which help to reduce water consumption, as well as dual speed filtration systems, which assist with the reduction of electrical usage. If your pool is to be installed indoors, then we will also be able to advise you on the best heating systems to choose for the size of pool, for example by recommending certain types of solar panel.

Round or straight, wide or narrow, all of our pools can be finished off with some distinctive features. For example, you might want to opt for some chic underwater LED lighting. Alternatively, why not consider the merits of updating your existing pool with new equipment, such as steps and less obtrusive filtration systems?


For many, owning a swimming pool is a dream come true. In addition to the ability to exercise and relax at home in equal measure, a swimming pool will add value to any property where one has been installed. Therefore, the construction of a new pool must be conducted professionally and with an eye to the future. That is why we only use fully trained staff who have the necessary expertise to ensure that your pool is constructed well and built to last.

Construction begins at the design stage. Before a single piece of equipment is installed, the pool design must be considered from an aesthetic point of view. Our design team will be able to advise you at every step of the way to make sure that your pool fits in perfectly with your home and provides you with the level of enjoyment that you would expect. To do this, we draw on the expertise of architectural experts, interior designers, landscape designers and structural engineers. Where appropriate, we will also be able to provide all of the necessary mechanical and electrical consultations to ensure the design works well once installed.

Swimming Pool Installers
Our approach is to ensure that each and every one of our Dubai clients has a design that is suited to their home or business development and that is practical to install. At this point, we will then appoint the best installation team for the project who will go about the construction phase. With plenty of know how in the best ways of installing a swimming pool, our construction teams are well-versed in keeping the inevitable disruption that comes from any building project to a minimum. Our unfussy approach helps to get the major work over in as short a time frame as possible. Once the first phase of the pool's installation is completed, then our team of craftsmen will turn up to put the finishing touches to the pool. This will include tiling, for example, as well as adding mosaics, fitting underwater lighting and installing the equipment that keeps a pool running well, such as filtration systems and heat pumps.

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If you’re a lucky owner of a pool, we can make you even happier by taking care of all the maintenance – from checking filters & heating to chlorine levels!

Skilled Pros

Each single member of our pool maintenance crew is skilled enough to make any kind of a check, repair or maintenance work for your pool.

Chemical Analysis

As we’re doing a lot of technical maintenance, sometimes we either need special tools or special equipment to repair your pool’s parts. Be sure that we have it all!

Affordable Prices

While the pricing for servicing an average swimming pool throughout all the seasons of the year may be pricy, we always have special promo offers to lighten things up!

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