Moving Floors

Swimming Pool Design

Often seen as the height of luxury when it comes to swimming pools, moving floors are, in fact, highly practical additions to any conventional pool. It is fair to say that a typical swimming pool, whether you opt for an indoor or an outdoor one, takes up a large footprint. Therefore, the installation of a moving floor which can cover the pool's surface makes a lot of sense if you want to be able to continue using that space when the pool itself is not occupied.

Our moving floor pools maximise the resale value of any property they are installed in. This is not merely because they save space and make homes multi-functional, but because they add a certain wow factor to any home. To see the floor of a pool move into position to provide room for a party, a family gathering or any other type of celebration can be breathtaking. Indeed, our motorised moving floors mean that the entire process of changing the layout of your home or garden can be done at the touch of a button.

As well as being able to make a pool area either wet or dry, moving floors offer another key advantage. With the addition of one, you are able to set the level of the bottom of the pool. So, if you want to adjust a swimming pool into a paddling pool - for example, in order to host a kid's pool party – then to do so is child's play. Just bring the floor up to an appropriate level for the age of the children in question. Moving floors also have the benefit of reducing the condensation levels of indoor pools and of creating a secure environment around your pool - ideal, for instance, when you might be away on business.


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