Servicing and Maintenance

Swimming Pool Maintenance

Keeping a swimming pool in good condition means maintaining it regularly. Even the best designed outside pool will find that items blow into the water from time to time. Likewise, indoor pools need to be cleaned and their filtration systems attended to. Although modern swimming pools are designed with equipment that is able to do a good job on its own, servicing your pool from time to time will be necessary.

Our servicing and maintenance packages take the hassle out of the whole operation and our trusted staff can be called upon either to make a visit when you require them or to carry out preventative maintenance and cleaning for you on a regular basis. This is ideal if you want to maintain a pool that is free from chlorine. Although many pools are fine with this anti-bacterial agent, some pool owners prefer not to use it and maintain their pool more frequently instead. Simply contact us for a servicing and maintenance package that suits your type of pool and we'll be happy to oblige.

If you are considering installing a new pool, then all you need to know is that we have the know how and expertise to keep your pool fully serviced for years to come. We like to think of each new pool we install as looking as inviting to dip into decades down the line as it did on its first day of operation. Various on-going maintenance packages are available to choose from.


Why Choosing Us is a Smart Idea?

Services Spectrum

If you’re a lucky owner of a pool, we can make you even happier by taking care of all the maintenance – from checking filters & heating to chlorine levels!

Skilled Pros

Each single member of our pool maintenance crew is skilled enough to make any kind of a check, repair or maintenance work for your pool.

Chemical Analysis

As we’re doing a lot of technical maintenance, sometimes we either need special tools or special equipment to repair your pool’s parts. Be sure that we have it all!

Affordable Prices

While the pricing for servicing an average swimming pool throughout all the seasons of the year may be pricy, we always have special promo offers to lighten things up!

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